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13 Days of Brighid

An online course exploring several traditions of Brighid from the ancient symbol of her cross, the tradition of laying out cloth for Brighid to bless, her protective Caim and smooring ritual as well as the folk magic of Brighid’s charm. There are easy to follow guides to make a Brideog (doll) as well as creating an altar to Brighid and sharing your art. You will learn about her as a triple Goddess, fire Goddess and saint. Registration opens on the 19th January and is a timed course running from 27th January until the 8th February (then all the course materials will be available up until Imbolc 2020).

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The course covers:

  • Who Is Brighid (including a link to a documentary)

  • Brighid’s Cross

  • The Imbolc tradition of the Bhrat Brighde

  • Create an Brideog Doll

  • Là Fhèill Brìghde - Brighid’s Day Guided Meditation

  • Brighid’s Hearth

  • Fire Temple & Vigil

  • Caim Protection

  • Smooring the Fire

  • Folk Magic - Charm

  • Imbolc Altar & Art

  • Brighid’s Sacred Sites

  • Music & Books

  • Brighid Guided Meditation

Registration opens 19th January - sign up for the newsletter to be reminded when the course launches