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Unfortunately due to the possible severe weather

warning predicted for this weekend we

have cancelled this workshop

A Winter Solstice Workshop Retreat. Sunday 9th December. 10.30-6.30. East Asheville, NC (Accomidation available) 


Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Season

The Winter Solstice is a time of the rebirth of the sun - celebrating the age old cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is a time of rest, reflection and tending to our inner world. It’s a time to follow the wisdom of the plants and return down to our roots - to be nourished by the old stories and reflect on our lives. Yet the modern world gets carried away in a trance of consumerism, the darkness vanished by dazzling displays of lights and bad music cranked up at full volume to fill in the silence.

Ancient Folklore

We will explore the folklore of reindeer from cultures around the Northern hemisphere, looking at:

  • The evidence of reindeer in Scotland

  • The linage of the women who followed the reindeer

  • Symbolism and priestesses of the old antlered one

  • Reintroduction of reindeer in Scotland in 1952

The Old Antlered one - needle felted doll by Jude Lally

The Old Antlered one - needle felted doll by Jude Lally

Folklore and stories will introduce you to this old antlered one and in particular the case of the Deer goddess in Scotland. We will move between the worlds in our guided journey to meet ‘She Who Runs With the Herds’. There will be the opportunity to create art from your journey experience and record your impressions. 

Radical Doll Making

In the afternoon we will create a doll inspired by the priestesses of the old antlered one as well as any insight you might have gained from the meditation/journey.

I call myself a radical doll maker as I connect this art to the lone linage of women who made dolls throughout the ages. Our dolls also serve to:

  • Symbolize missing parts of us

  • What we have lost touch with

  • The values we wish to embody

  • Stories we deeply connect to

While all art materials will be available you ay wish to bring special personal embellishments you would like to use. You will receive a little bag of actual reindeer hair which we will place in the core of your doll as you create her.

We will also discuss the threats to Reindeer today and how we can help support the people fighting for their rights.  

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Two example of the types of dolls we will make in the workshop

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The Sisterhood of the Antlers Reindeer Herd!

The Sisterhood of the Antlers Reindeer Herd!


Workshop Highlights

  • Taking an otherworldly journey to 'run with the herds'

  • Learn about the history of Scottish reindeerLearn about the symbolism of the reindeer in the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Wheel of the Year

  • Create a needle felted antlered woman

  • Spend the day in an inspiring circle of women

  • Option to spend time in the garden, sit by the stream or walk the labyrinth

Booking & Sign Up

This workshop is limited to 6 women

Early booking discount – The cost for this workshop and all materials is $125 with an early booking discount of $98 if you book before the 5th December. Click on the image below to sign up.