You can join this course at any time throughout the year. It is a course designed to draw on Brighid’s folklore, folkmagic and ancient wisdom through art and ritual.

This course is deepening my relationship with Brigid on so many levels. It involves all my senses (listening to songs and creating with my hands) and I really feel and experience how taking this course is giving a new spark to my spirituality and sends Brigid into my life and she is healing my problems and answering so many of my life’s questions. Thank you Jude for this course!
— Anna Oakflower
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Want to Develop or Deepen a Relationship with the Goddess Brighid?

Do you want to develop or deepen a relationship with the Goddess Brighid and establish your own personal practice?

Tap Into Her Ancient Wisdom

Would you like to work with Brighid and be able to draw on her unique wisdom but feel stuck in building your personal practice?

Establish a Practice with Creative Rituals

Build or expand your practice to include creative rituals

Feed Your Ancestral Longing & Reclaim Your Roots

Do you feel a longing to reclaim your ancestral roots? Work with Brighid and drawn on a vast source of her unique wisdom and traditions.

Brideog Doll with Brighid’s Cross

Brideog Doll with Brighid’s Cross

The depths, the research, the heart, the soul, the honoring of Cailleach is formidable and powerful!   It feels you heaved a large boulder from this Great Goddess. She stood stretch her old bones and turned to grin at you for remembering and uncovering her wisdom.   I thank you for remembering!   Your medicine is a gift to this world, this world that so needs to remember Cailleach!   In deepest gratitude!
— Reda R (An Introduction to the Cailleach course)
Brighid Hag Stone, Stone & Bone Altar & Brihgid’s Cross

Brighid Hag Stone, Stone & Bone Altar & Brihgid’s Cross

The Course Lessons

Day 1 - Who is Brighid Explore Brighid as Goddess, as Saint and Mary of the Gael

Day 2 - Brighid’s Cross Explore the history of Brighid’s cross, its many forms & make your own paper cross for intentions and prayers

Day 3 - Brideog Doll Make your own Brideog doll & ceremony - two easy projects to choose from

Day 4 - The Brat Bride The tradition of leaving cloth out on Imbolc eve. Discover the secret to it’s sacred quality plus ideas on what to use your cloth for

Day 5 - Guided Meditation Draw on the inspiration of your ancestral foremothers as they welcomed Brighid back into the world

Day 6 - Brighid’s Hearth Celebrate the Energy of Brighid’s hearth & celebrate with art!

Day 7 - Smooring the Fire Create your own nightly ritual to protection to your house and extend that protection out into the world.

Day 8 - Folk Magic - Brighid’s Charm Find out the magic within the words of Brighid’s charm and create your own to meet your own personal needs.

Day 9 - Fire Goddess & Vigil Learn about Brighid’s ancient fire temple where her priestesses tended her perpetual flame plus create your own fire vigil

Day 10 - Brighid as Midwife Explore Brighid’s role in midwifing the soul back to the otherworld & how she brought keening to the world.

Day 11 - The Caim Learn Brighid’s unique prayer which you can enact at times where you are feeling unsafe and need her protection.

Day 12 - Brighid’s Augury A unique mode of prophecy Brighid is said to have created - practice this technique for yourself!

Day 13 - Clooties With many wells and springs dedicated to Brighid, learn about this tradition plus creative ideas on how to adapt it for your own use.

Plus book, music resources and a link to a documentary on Brighid

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Jude’s work is a portal to other worlds where ancient myths and art feed the longings of the wild soul
— Arlene Bailey

Investment Cost

Your investment for this course is $75 with payment through Paypal if you would rather use your debit or credit card - click the option at the PayPal sign in screen (see below)


For Your Investment You’ll Receive:

  • 13 Lessons packed with stories, folklore, a guided meditation and several creative art projects

  • An engaging community of women to share with, learn from and engage with

  • A direct line to me if you have any questions

What You Will Accomplish:

  • A rich source of materials for you to build you own unique connection to Brighid

  • Develop a solid foundation with several folklore traditions related to Brighid

  • The inspiration to adopt these traditions in ways that are meaningful to you

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I found Jude’s workshop facilitation to be powerful, informative, skillful and empowering. I greatly appreciate her capabilities as a leader, ritualist, and artist. I was able to move forward with my own healing path and creative breakthroughs, feeling refreshed and deeply gratified from the journeys and creative inspiration.
— Cat Shepard

Your Guide

Jude Lally received her Masters of Science degree in Human Ecology with the University of Strathclyde (in partnership with the Centre for Human Ecology) in 2008. She is an artist, writer and Cultural Activist working within the Bean Feasa tradition using inspiration, art and ritual as empowering tools of creative resistance.

  • Over 20 years experience of studying Brighid

  • 35 Years experience in following the Wheel of the Year with the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland

  • Radical Doll Maker

  • Designer of Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

  • Author of several contributions to popular women's spirituality anthologies

Celtic Soul Prayer Beads with Brighid’s Cross designed by Jude Lally

Celtic Soul Prayer Beads with Brighid’s Cross designed by Jude Lally