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Would You Like to Build a Relationship With the Cailleach But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Each lesson builds upon the previous introducing you to this ancient deity as we explore:

  • Who she is

  • The women who honor her

  • Dive down to the roots of two of her folklore stories to see where it takes us.

  • Consider the reason why her story has changed over the years

  • Examine the relevance of her story to us today

Create a Sustainable Connection That Supports You in Your Life

  • Build a relationship with the Cailleach within a sustainable spirituality

  • Explore her story within the Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year

Take a Pilgrimage to Visit Her Sacred Sites

  • Learn her stories from her sacred sites in Ireland and Scotland

  • Take an otherworldly journey to visit them

Get To Know Her Through the Tools of the Wise Woman’s Gathering Bag

  • Every Wise Woman has her gathering bag which holds her sacred tools.

  • I’ll introduce you to my Wise Woman’s tools as we get to know the Cailleach through:

  • Otherworldly Journeys

  • Ritual

  • Art

  • Community

Discover Her ‘Forgotten’ Story and It’s Importance for Us Today

  • Find out why the essence of her story has been covered up and almost erased

  • Exploring yourself as a Wise Woman

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For Your Investment You’ll Receive:

  • Six lessons packed with stories, my insights folklore plus a guided meditation and

  • Creative art projects (such as the paper dolls below)

  • Downloadable Otherworldly Journeys for your own collection

  • An engaging community of women to share with, learn from and engage with

  • A Cailleach Facebook Group Where You Can Keep In Touch With Articles and Discussions

  • Suggestions fo ritual to honor her

  • Idea for art work - create your own collection

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What You Will You Will Accomplish:

  • Build your own unique connection with the Cailleach

  • Learn how to draw her into your life

  • Created simple yet powerful gestures of ritual

  • Gained a great grounding in who this ancient crone is, her importance and why she is still an incredibly relevant figure

  • Meeting her while holding your own personal intentions

  • Your own collection of inspiring art work

Course Feedback:

This course used to be run as ‘An Introduction to the Cailleach’)

The depths, the research, the heart, the soul, the honoring of Cailleach is formidable and powerful!   It feels you heaved a large boulder from this Great Goddess, She stood stretch her old bones and turned to grin at you for remembering and uncovering her wisdom. I thank you for remembering!  Your medicine is a gift to this world, this world that so needs to remember Cailleach!  In deepest gratitude!  Reda R

From the beginning, I felt a real connection to the Cailleach. She is forever a part of me, I know this now. My mother was born in Dublin and my father in Belfast. They immigrated to the US, and left the myths and stories behind. I’ve found a connection to my ancestral line through this course. I love how you are able to retain the feeling of fireside storytelling in this digital format. Wherever I was at the time, I was transported.  Mary du Plessis

This course is well worth the investment! The Cailleach intro course was my first actual experience of learning/practice online and I will always be grateful to be able to access it from California. I know I keep posting about Jude's courses - it's because I truly believe in her gifted teachings which are rooted in embodied experiences growing up in the lands of the Cailleach as well as her extensive research, pilgrimage, and ritual practice there.  Ann Harrison  

Thank you, Jude, for offering the wealth of resources which you wove together and made meaningful with your enlightening commentary. The guided meditations helped transform the information into personal experience. The sessions were well structured to build on the previous one. The importance of the Cailleach in the present was brought home to me, her power of renewal is so vital to us today. I am inspired to create a Cailleach doll and altar to keep reminding me of the need for that power now. An amazing depth of scholarship not easily found elsewhere, as well as a meaningful source of inspiration. The Cailleach helps us understand the lasting influence of the divine female from ancient times and the need to remember and honor her today. Dottie McCaleb

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Your Instructor

Jude Lally is an artist & writer. She received her MSc in Human Ecology with a study of the Goddess Brighid and her importance to Scottish female Cultural Activists. Her role is introducing women to the wisdom of the Ancestral Mothers and their own ancestors through her study courses, Scottish retreats and workshops and creative tools for Wise Women today.

  • I'm a Cultural Activist in the Bean Feasa tradition (Wise Woman)

  • Radical Doll Maker

  • Designer of Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

  • Author of several contributions to popular women's spirituality anthologies