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Tiny Cauldron Earrings - click image to view in the shop

Tiny Cauldron Earrings - click image to view in the shop




While the Cernunnos doll above is sold you can still request your own Cernunnos doll - click on the image to view the order in the shop


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Prayer Beads

Orca inspired prayer beads inspired by the grief ritual of Tahlequah and the current state of her pod and the Scottish orca Pod of the Hebrides. These prayer beads are inspired by the role of ritual in grief and how it can help us move with our grief and into activism. 

If you'd like your own set of orca prayer beads get in touch via the custom order form on the prayer bead page 

These wolf themed ‘Prayer beads for the Spiritual Warrior’ are definitely our most popular set - click on the photo to view in the shop

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The wise woman had many ways of finding her answers. One of them was in looking through the eye of a hag stone. Some women carried them in their pocket or wore them around their neck or kept it in a special place. There were as many ways to use a hag stone as there are hag stones themselves. Some women would sit in a daydream state - not quite awake yet not quite sleeping - and go into trance and travel through the eye of the stone. 

I have very few Hagstones left so get in touch if you’d like me to create a hagstone just for you.