The taproot of some trees remains even after the top has been shaved off by sheep… We’ve got to make for modern times new growth that’s rooted in ancient spiritual bedrock
— Tom Forsyth (Quoted by A McIntosh, Soil & Soul, 2004, pp:176)
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I am descended from a long line of wise women – for I too am a shapeshifter, a mythmaker, a woman who has always had one ear to the ground and a foot in the other world. I am a listener to old bones and a collector of stories that I gather from the shorelines, deep in forests or atop mountains. Sometimes my shadow shows my other selves sometimes crow sometimes bear, I am She Who Wears Antlers.

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Artist, Writer & Storyteller

I am a radical doll maker, taking this tradition back to its roots and the hands of my foremothers. They remind us of our sacred connection to this world, the otherworld and our ancestors. As a writer recording our stories while carrying the old ones.


The Bean Feasa Tradition 

I am of the Bean Feasa tradition , a wise woman tradition that stretches back past pre-Celtic generations. People sought the wisdom of the wise woman in times of personal crisis and today this tradition can help us face this deepening global crisis. 

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Cultural Activism 

I am a cultural activist working from the Bean Fesa tradition rooted in pre-patriarchy which honors imagination and creativity and provides us with tools which can help us overcome the psychological effects of patriarchy. 


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