Ancestral Mothers Study Path


My teachings in the Ancestral Mothers Study Path introduce women to the Ancestral Mothers and to study them (in the first year) through the Wheel of the Year. In the second year students take the bean Feasa path and explore in greater detail the insights and the tools offered by each of the Ancestral Mothers. These paths are to inspire women to tap into their foremother lineage, to follow the Wheel of the Year and create new stories and ways of living based on partnership culture.

I use creativity to inspire us with the tools of the Wise Women and offer ways we weave that into our daily lives.

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Year One. Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year Path

The first year of the course follows the 8 festivals of the year and introduces you to 8 figures - Goddesses, Bean Feasa, Female warriors and two pre-celtic deities with the Cailleach and the Old Antlered One.

Year Two. Path of the Bean Feasa

In the second year we cycle around the 8 festivals again but woking on a deeper level with each of the wise women presented in year one. We learn about the unique tools they offer and you are encouraged to work with these tools and explore how they fit into your life.

Your invited to explore your own heritage and discover Ancestral Mothers and the practices associated with them.

In order to take this second year course you must have completed year one and then apply via the application process as only a set number of places will be available. There will be conference call check ins available.

A dedicated workshop retreat is offered to those taking the year two course, which will be based in the US.

Year 3. Carrier of the Stream. Emerging

Dedicated Path - Incorporating Reindeer, Bear or Seal

In year three you select a dedicated path working more with your selected Wise Woman. The program is part self study with materials to guide you and deepen your experience.