Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat. Isle of Eigg, Scotland. 8th-15th June 2019

Doll Making on a Beautiful Scottish Island 

Visit Sacred Sites

Learn About the Bean Feasa Tradition & the Tools of the Wise Women

Folk Magic & Wisdom

Stories of the Ancestral Mothers 

Ritual and Ceremony 

The Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year 



A wonderful retreat blending wild Scottish landscape, good health and spiritual exploration of ancient female power. Powerful dreams and visions gained through this work & land enabled me to carry out a ritual which I feel in my bones healed a deep scarring in my female lineage. I am still connected to the stone I planted into the Island’s soil and on challenging days I see through its eyes and am reminded of who I really am. Lengthy walks, delicious conscious eating, and sincere mindful women made this a life-changing experience.
— Gayle Mair
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Doll Making on the Isle of Eigg

Spend a week on an inspiring Hebridean Island whose Gaelic name translates as The Isle of the Big Women. We'll hear lots of stories of the 'Big Women' of the island as well as tales of amazon warriors, pre-Celtic figures, stories of the Bean Feasa (Wise Women) as well as Celtic Goddesses (the Hebrides are the isles of Brighid after all). Your inspiration for your doll lies in the stories of the Ancestral Mothers as one in particular will grab your attention. This retreat is suitable for complete beginners and all materials are provided, we'll even ship your doll home for you. 

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Visit Sacred Sites

We will visit sacred sites of the island such as the Hill of the Cailleach near the wonderful sandy beach of Laig Bay. We'll visit a Sheela na Gig (pictured above) in the ruined church of Kildonnan and go beachcombing for cowrie shells in a beach below the church. There are also optional excursions such as visiting the Well of the Holy Women and a hike to the Loch of the Holy Women. 

The Bean Feasa (Wise Woman) Tradition and Stories of the Ancestral Mothers

We'll start our day off with a story and guided meditation of one of the Wise Women, the Ancestral Mothers which will help inspire your doll making. From stories of  the Big women of Eigg, the Cailleach, the Goddess Brighid, the Old Antlered one, Pictish and Celtic Amazon warriors and stories of the localized Wise Women such as Taliesker, Breejah and Cee-al. You'll be introduced to the Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year, journeying the year with the Wise Women. 


Ritual and Ceremony

There will be invitations of simple and personal ritual - especially when we visit the sacred sites but also time on your own to revisit a favorite place, or venture somewhere new and time to be with the land and listen to what stories she may wish to whisper to you. Time also to sit under glorious evening twilights or early mornings with the birds, maybe a glimpse of the seal folk, the chance of seeing an eagle or whale. 

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The Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Wheel of the Year

We will journey around the Wheel of the Year and learn what wise woman are aligned to particular times of the year and learn their stories and wisdom. With this retreat you are joining the Sisterhood of the Antlers community and get a free one year pass which entitles you to take all the online courses available that year for free. 

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Highlights of the Retreat 

The Beauty of a Hebridean Island with lochs, white sandy beaches and unique wildlife

Community engagement - join the women's singing group & a visit to a local croft

Instruction from a professional doll maker

Engage with the Ancestral Mothers through art, guided meditation and walking the land

Free one year pass to take all the available online courses which are currently running

Jude Lally is an excellent facilitator leading us on a journey to meet the ancestral mothers and to find their strength within ourselves. Through journeying, hill walking, storytelling and doll making her style is gentle and the schedule is relaxed, which was exactly what I needed. The food was nutritious and fortifying to enable our important exploration of the island. The women were each amazing and a delight to be with from the first moment to the last. Through walking the hills I made such connections to the land and nature on Eigg. I knew this retreat would be life-changing, but I didn’t know how. I find that I have so much more confidence and determination with the ability to handle higher levels of stress in a calm way than I did before. This is a life-changing adventure that you don’t want to miss!
— Kat Toebes

Retreat Cost & Booking

The retreat cost is $1999 if you sign up and pay in full before 1st April 2019. In order to reserve your space on the retreat please read the information below (and the FAQ page) and get in touch via the contact page to pay the $499 deposit. The retreat cost must be paid in full by the registration deadline of 1st May. 

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before the retreat deadline of the 1st May your deposit will be refunded minus an admin fee. If you cancel after the 1st May your deposit will only be refunded if your place can be filled by someone else, minus a processing fee. 


What Is & Isn't Included in the Price of the Retreat 


What is Included In the Price of Your Retreat

  • Six nights accommodation at Glebe Barn on the Isle of Eigg

  • Dinner on arrival day, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and breakfast on our departing day

  • All art materials for doll making

  • Tour of a working croft and visit to a croft museum

  • A one year free pass to all Sisterhood of the Antlers online courses

What Is Not Included in the Price of your Retreat

  • International or European flights to Glasgow

  • Glasgow Accommodation

  • Travel Insurance (which is required)

  • Travel to the Isle of Eigg (train and ferry journeys)

  • Optional taxi ride on Eigg

  • All travel expenses including International or European flights to Glasgow, Glasgow accommodation, train journeys, ferry journeys

  • Any meals or drinks other than the details listed

  • Medical treatment

Jude’s depth of understanding and passion for the stories of the ancestral mothers inspired me to want to know more and connect more deeply with them. As the retreat progressed I felt myself connecting more and more with each passing day.
I particularly enjoyed connecting with the Big Women through making my doll, feeling her coming alive more and more to where I felt the spirit of the ancestral mothers both in her and in myself.  The retreat offered me a richer and deeper understanding of where I’ve been and new inspiration and vision for where I want to go.
— Katherine Daniels

Payment Plan

By using the payment plan you can spread the cost via three payments:  

First payment of your deposit of $499 is due on the 5th November 2018

Second payment of $750 due on 1st february 2019

Third payment of $750 due on the 1st April 2019

Payment plan payments can be made by check or bank transfer please get in touch via the contact page


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On the train ride from Glasgow to Mallaig (where you get the ferry to Eigg) you'll travel on one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world - the West Highland Way. Your route will cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct featured in the Harry Potter films

On the train ride from Glasgow to Mallaig (where you get the ferry to Eigg) you'll travel on one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world - the West Highland Way. Your route will cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct featured in the Harry Potter films

Post Booking

Once your all booked up you'll receive the following: 

  • An invite to the retreat facebook group where you can chat with other women joining the retreat

  • Suggested travel plans on getting from Glasgow to the Isle of Eigg

  • Hotel recommendations for Glasgow (the train leaves early on saturday 8th June 2019)

  • A suggested packing list

  • Your free pass to start signing up for the online classes for free