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Year One. Ancestral Mothers - Wheel of the Year

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Walk the Path of the Ancestral Mothers

This course introduces the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland through folklore, art and imagination! The first year of this study path introduces eight Ancestral Mothers as you explore each of the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year. Each festival deepens your relationship with these Ancestral Mothers as well as opportunities to:

  • explore your own lineage

  • develop your own wise woman tools as you weave these practices into your life

  • develop healing practices to recover from the from the psychological damage of the dominator culture

Explore the seasonal themes through art

Explore the seasonal themes through art

The Ancestral Mothers Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year course is flexible and easy to navigate. It works particularly well for me because it aligns with my passions for the Ancestral Mothers, the Cailleach and the Antlered One. With a variety of elements presented, from guided journey-work, to art, reading, gestures of ritual, and with a trail of references to follow, this course supports my ongoing journey of bringing my ancestral world and the world as I experience it here in South Australia together in a way that enables me to both reflect and respond - to create a personal toolkit, or map, with which to navigate and celebrate the annual round of self, community, earth and sun
— Louise Hewett, Australia

Follow the Celtic Festivals in Alignment with the Southern Hemisphere

  • Honor the Celtic holy days of your ancestors

  • Festivals are offered in tune with the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere

  • Prompts to include your reflections in relation to your local ecosytem

You’ll receive suggestions of gestures of ritual at each festival

You’ll receive suggestions of gestures of ritual at each festival


I have followed the Wheel of the Year since I was 15. While different figures have appeared over the years the wheel has kept me sane through revisiting the stories and honoring the Ancestral Mothers in gratitude and ritual.

The Ancestral Mothers I have selected are my connection to the land and are taken from pre-Celtic deities such as the Cailleach and Celtic Goddesses such as Brighid. It includes Bean Feasa (Wise Women) - Cee-al and Taliesker and also includes warrior women such as Scathach and priestesses such as Breejah and She Who Runs With the Herds.  

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For Your Investment You’ll Receive:

  • 8 monthly lessons packed with stories, folklore plus a guided meditation.

  • A mix of creative art projects and writing prompts to get you thinking about the particular festival

  • The option to download the materials and build up your own personal library

  • An engaging community of women to share with and learn from

  • A direct line to me if you have any questions

What You Will You Will Accomplish:

  • A familiarity with the eight holy days which make up the Wheel of the Year

  • A knowledge of each of the Ancestral Mothers featured

  • Build your own unique connection to the Ancestral Mothers

  • A series of ritual gestures which help you engage with the energies of the holy day

  • A collect of inspiring art work

Jude’s depth and breadth of experience and knowledge as a woman, artist and scholar indigenous to the lands of the Ancestral Mothers inspires trust in the authenticity and wisdom of her teaching and guidance around the Wheel. Discovering Jude and her work has greatly enhanced and expanded my search for the path to my personal Ancestral Mothers and traditions.
— Ann Harrison
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Paper Doll Collages allow you to record your unique insights and meaning of the particular festival or explore an aspect of a particular Ancestral Mother

The Ancestral Mothers of Scotland online course has touched and inspired my relationship with the world within me and with the world around me. The course is rich with stories, music, and art that take my spirit on a wondrous journey.
— Regan Chandler Nelson

Course Lessons

Lessons are released one week before the actual festival allowing you to read the stories, explore through the art projects and prepare your gesture of ritual for the festival.

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Lesson 1 - Autumn Equinox. 20th March 2019

  • We follow the first story of descent humans ever honored - that of Bear as she prepares for hibernation

  • You consider what you might want to work with in the coming dark months

  • Learn the role of the Cailleach as she ushers in the dark of the year

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Lesson 2 - Samhain. 1st May 2019

  • Honor your blood & our bone ancestors

  • Hear the story of the Cailleach and her winter ritual

  • Considering your role as a future ancestor

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Lesson 3 - Winter Solstice. 21st June 2019

  • Honor the Antlered Mother

  • Create your gesture of ritual inspired by the 3 great basins of Newgrange

  • Take a journey with ‘She Who Runs With The Herds’

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Lesson 4 - Imbolc. !st August 2019

  • Welcoming Brighid back into the world & her offerings of hope, her eternal flame

  • Acknowledging the darkest night of the winter

  • Exploring Brighid’s traditions and rites. 

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Lesson 5 - Spring Equinox. 23rd September 2019

  • Honor your return emerging from the dark and back into the outer time of the year

  • Get to know Breejah (a Bear Priestess & Guardian)

  • Review your time in the dark, note who invites you out of the cave and create your personal map

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Lesson 6 - Beltane. 31st October 2019

  • Exploring your sacred desires and unposoken longings

  • Get to know the Bean Feasa (Wise Woman) Cee-al and her mysteries

  • Honoring your wild self and the true nature of rewilding

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Lesson 7 - Summer Solstice. 21st December 2019

  • Explore the stories of Scottish Amazons

  • Get to know Scathach, A Celtic Amazon from the Isle of Skye

  • Considering your role as activist and protector & value the places you can retreat to

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Lesson 8 - Lughnasadgh. 1st February 2020

  • Learn the story of The Sisterhood of the Antlers - and the great gatherings of Celtic and pre-Celtic times

  • Getting to know the Bean Feasa Taliesaker & her mysteries

  • Exploring your sacred maps


When Does the Course Start & Finish?

Each of the 8 festivals are released two weeks before the festival date. Whenever you sign up you’ll have access to the previous festival lessons instantly. You will have unlimited access to the materials for a full year after the course finishes.

What Format is the Course Delivered in?

The course is delivered in a series of 8 lessons - short videos, online lessons or downloadable materials. There are fun and creative art projects to partake in. Guided meditations are also available to download so you can access anytime anywhere and build up a library.

How Long is the Course Going to Take Me?

That really is up to you. You can skip through the material for each festival in less than an hour but I imagine you’d like to get get as much as possible from the course - to take your time and mull things over. Art, tea and going for a walk are essential parts of the course so I’d say set aside a couple of hours to go through the materials and then some time for the art projects.

What happens when I sign up?

You can join the course at anytime and whatever date you join you will have access to all the previous festivals. You will have access to all the materials for at least one full year after your sign up date.

If you have any burning questions feel free to email me!

Investment Payment

Your investment for this year long journey is USD$125 (approximately AUD $177, NZD $183 and ZAR 1790). The payment screen will take you to PayPal to complete the process - at the Paypal login page there will be an option to use a credit or debit card if preferred.

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Payment Plan

Use the button below to get in touch if you’d like to spread the cost over two payments and I will set that up for you


Use the button below to get in touch if you’d like to apply for one of the two scholarship places available

Gurteen Bay, Roundstone, Co Galway, Ireland

Gurteen Bay, Roundstone, Co Galway, Ireland

About Your Guide

Hi I'm Jude - artist & writer. My cultural heritage is the Bean Feasa tradition (Wise Woman). Where my foremothers tools worked with with their tools of midwifery and their knowledge of healing herbs and plants I work with the tools of art, ritual and imagination. I am a Cultural Activist reclaiming my cultural traditions, which mean stream culture no longer values - such as working in end of life traditions offering the ritual of Keening both to honor our dead but also as a cathartic and transforming ritual to help us move through the grief and overwhelm of all that is happening in the world. These traditions also help us heal from the damaging psychological effects of our society and inspires us to make our own paths and create and work in ways which resist the dominant paradigm.

I received my MSc in Human Ecology with a study of the Goddess Brighid and her importance to Scottish Female Cultural Activists and studies in Ecopsychology and Spiritual Activism. My role is introducing women to the Ancestral Mothers and their own ancestors through courses, Scottish retreats and workshops and creating tools for Wise Women today!

  • I'm a Cultural Activist in the Bean Feasa tradition (Wise Woman)

  • Radical Doll Maker

  • Designer of Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

  • Author of several contributions to popular women's spirituality anthologies