The Sisterhood of the Antlers

The Sisterhood of the Antlers is a place women have gathered for generations. It happens when women come together in circle. Sometimes that space is created virtually online, sometime is emerges through engaging conversations and sometimes it is when we go on pilgrimage to the ancestral lands of our foremothers and place our feet on scared soil. It is a place where we often find through many paths, paths which often magically appear when we answer an ancient longing, a call which rings in our ears, sings from our blood and is knitted into our bones.


The Temple

As each women brings her passion, her unique skills and creativity we rebuild the ancient shrines and temples once dedicated to the Ancestral Mothers. When we sit by our altar or sit in circle, when we care our neighbors and our community. When speak up for those who don’t have a voice, when we act for animals and the land - when we speak out against what is wrong.

Each woman plays her part – some carry fire, kindled from ancient fires and so tend to the hearth and the candles. Other women have carried the ancient songs, some are called to roles such as guardian or gatekeeper and some remember the ancient script which they paint on banners. Others create glorious altars, some step into the role of priestess, some are keepers of the drum, others dancer of the rattles, some are called to tell the old stories and together we create ritual and ceremony and dance between the worlds to ask the most ancient grandmothers for their insight and wisdom.

Together we support women and girls both in our community and around the world as we move towards a partnership culture which existed for far longer than our current dominator system has.

While each of us takes our own path and yet we walk together on a path forged by our foremothers - some remembering, some rekindling and practicing their wisdom. It is the path of Ancestral Mothers which roots us to the spiritual bedrock of the planet as we rebuild a new world out of the collapsing ruins of capitalism and patriarchy.