Are You Ready To Leave your Cave?

  • A workshop whether you’d rather crawl back in the cave or are ready to spring into the world!

  • Honoring the Spring Equinox Through Art & Self Exploration

  • Explore the myth and story of the transition from the dark and into the light of the year


We’ll Start by Exploring Where You Are

  • How are you feeling about emerging back into the world and out of the deep?

  • Do you want to run back in and hide under the bear skins and curl up by the fire?

  • We will explore how we’re feeling using a paper doll collage using color and images and words

Death activist(3).jpg

The Cave of the Grandmothers (Otherworldly Journey)

  • Take an otherworldly journey to meet the Bear Grandmothers & help your journey out of the cave - with live drumming

  • Hear the story of bear - the first descent story humans ever honored

  • Learn about Spring Equinox on the Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year

  • Meet the wise woman ‘Breejah’ - a Bear Guardian

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Final WOTY Graphic.jpg

Emerging Back Into the World

Otherworldly journey to help your journey out of the cave - with live drumming

  • We’ll explore the notion of who extends a hand to guide you out of the cave?

  • What did you work with in the dark? You’ll piece together the fragments of dreams and pieces of daydreams

  • We’ll also record what we wish to leave in the dark. We’ll name those things & create them in art

  • Explore your art to see if a journey emerges? (Create a map in art of where you wish to travel and where to avoid)

What You’ll Get from This Afternoon Workshop

Learn about the role of the Bear on the Ancestral Mothers Wheel of the Year

Create an art map of where you want to go and where you want to avoid!

Two otherworldly journeys to facilitate your personal exploration

A map where to reach the Cave of the Grandmothers

Booking Details

This workshop is limited to 6 women

Early booking discount – The cost for this workshop and all materials is $55 (a non refundable deposit of $20). I’ll be in touch after booking to confirm your place and give you directions to the workshop location.