Autumn Equinox

  • Our descent into the dark of the year

  • Considering what we wish to incubate in the dark

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  • Getting to know the Cailleach

  • Honoring our blood & our bone ancestors

  • Considering our role as a future ancestor


Winter Solstice

  • Getting to know the antlered mother

  • A gesture of ritual inspired by Newgrange

  • A guided journey in which we ‘Run With The Herds’

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  • Welcoming the energies of Brighid back into the world

  • Acknowledging what feels like the darkest night of the winter

  • Explore Brighid’s traditions and protective rites


Spring Equinox

  • Emerging from the dark of the year

  • Getting to know Breejah (related to Brighid in her oldest from as bear)

  • Reviewing our time in the cave



  • Exploring our desires and longing

  • Getting to know the Bean Feasa Cee-al and what she represents

  • Honoring our wild self

Summer Solstice

  • Exploring the stories of Scottish Amazons

  • Getting to know Scathatch

  • Our role as protectors



  • A time of great gatherings in celtic and pre-Celtic times & a gathering of the ‘Sisterhood of the Antlers’

  • Getting to know the Bean Feasa Taliesaker & what she represents

  • Exploring our sacred maps

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  • At each festival we explore what lies at the heart of the wheel

  • What signs and syncronicities lead us on that path to the centre

  • Honoring this through ritual and art

Meeting the Ancestral Mothers

She Who Holds The Wheel

She Who Holds The Wheel

We explore our relationship to this particular Ancestral Mother through looking at folklore and traditions related to her. Guided meditations help to deepen our perception and help prompt our inner knowing and our ancestral knowledge.

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Art Projects

Using fun art projects such as the Paper Doll Collage, Circle Art and Altoid Altars help speak to your own meaning of the festival, help deepen your relationship with the Ancestral Mothers and allow you a focus to work on your own intentions.

An Outside Altar Dedicated to the Reindeer Mother

An Outside Altar Dedicated to the Reindeer Mother

Visiting the Temple

At each festival you are invited to the Temple a place women have gathered for countless centuries to honor the seasons, their foremothers and to be together in sacred circle. Here you are invited to share your art, images of your own personal altars and reflect on your impressions and relationship with the particular Ancestral Mother of the season.

Join At Anytime

Although the course launches at Samhain 2018 you can join anytime and have immediate access to all the previous festivals. The Ancestral Mothers of each festival aren’t just relevant to that time of year - their wisdom and the guided meditation are relevant at any time of the year - whenever you most need them. In the middle of summer you may need the ‘Running With the herds’ which is offered at Winter Solstice, or you may need the insight of the Selkie at Autumn Equinox or need the reflection of emerging from the cave at Spring Equinox when you most need it!

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