A Story of Three Wise Woman Necklaces



Fraoch means heather in Scottish Gaelic. This necklace is inspired by the sight of a hillside covered in heather bloom. It’s partly made from the experience of falling sleep on a warm summers day to the droning of bees and the sight of a deer bounding off towards the forest.

The necklace is made up from three entwining ropes of different hues of heather. Three intertwining stories of the wise woman, heather, antler and the hillside that they both call home.

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Three Craws

This ‘Three Craw’ necklace is partly inspired by three cords of crow lore. Firstly is the ‘Crow Road’ a Glasgow term meaning death, the second ‘As the crow Flies’ the most direct route from here to there. The third is a children’s folk song I grew up with called ‘Three Craws’ - you can listen to it here


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The Old Woman of the Stones

The grey hue of stone with a green shade of lichen. She who tends to the stones. They grey and the green. Those days when they grey clouds come down low to meet the earth, the green grass.

The necklace is made up from three entwining stories of the wise woman, the standing stone, the lichen and the slate grew of the clouds.

These necklaces will be making their way into the shop next week before this wise woman heads home to Scotland.

Flickr: cosmicherb70    / Creative Commons

Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons